A simple application with a simple idea, to unite people by replacing chat with informal events.

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Close Up Features

This app is aimed at practically everyone i.e. users that plan events within fixed groups

  • Private Groups

    Create Groups with close friends, Sports Team, Church Prayers etc.

  • Private Events

    Any member of the group can create events with PUSH notification for other members to RSVP. If more thant 50% or minimum 4 members are IN, then overall status i.e. the answer to "Are We In?" = IN.

  • Public Groups

    Business Owner creates Group represting the Business name.

  • Public Events

    Business owner creates promotional events with PUSH notification for members to RSVP.

About Us

Yet another startup dreaming to make it Big!

How the app works?

Quite simply, we create Private Groups within our close circle of friends to further allow any member of the group to post events within them for remaining members to RSVP.

We can also create Public Groups if we intend for members to join our group by searching for that group. This allows for members to remain anonymous while still receiving notification for promotional events e.g. discounts offered within public events.

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